Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adult Lunch Round-up!

If there is one thing I find a lack of when I'm browsing the web for ideas, it's adult lunches. Because of that I started documenting the lunches I pack my husband as well as the lunches I do for my daughter (Even snuck a couple lunches that were mine in here). If any of you are struggling to find new ideas for lunch, I hope you find some sort of inspiration here!

My husband's lunch is on the left. Pizza bagels (do we ever really get too old for them?), salad, popcorn, and a Larabar. He also had snacks on the side for his two breaks and of course drinks. He usually takes flavored waters, vitamin waters, and occasionally soda. All packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

Turkey and Swiss sandwich on a Pretzel bun, grapes, pickles, and carrots.

Two clementines, Nitrate Free Turkey wrapped around asparagus with a little cream cheese inside. Salad, Clif Bar, and pretzels in our Goodbyn Bynto.

Chicken, Couscous, Carrots, Bell Pepper Strips, and Hummas. This lunchbox is discontinued but the Easy Lunchbox has the same three compartment set-up and is awesome for lunch packing.

Breakfast lunch: Sausage Links, Biscuit, Hardboiled Egg, Tillamoo (cheese), Greek Yogurt, Banana Chips in our Easy Lunchbox.

Two slices of Leftover Pizza, Pumpkin seeds/Dried Cranberries, Cucumber Slices, Larabar, and a string cheese.

Sandwich, Salad w/ feta and pepper rings, pretzels, and a Larabar. This box has been discontinued but you can use Easy Lunchboxes for quick 3-compartment lunch packing.

Bagel Sandwich, Kiwi, String Cheese, Tillamook Yogurt with Almonds, Brownie with Coconut Oil Frosting. This box has been discontinued but you can pick up Easy Lunchboxes for quick 3-compartment lunch packing!

2 Clementines, Meatballs, Pretzels, Sweet Peppers, Greek Dip (Feta, Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, Tomatoes) served with Pita (not pictured).

Salad, Salami/Cheese pretzel skewers, Tomatoes/carrots, Hummas, and Pita Pieces in our Easy Lunchboxes

Salad, Sandwich, Pears, Cottage Cheese, Jungle Animal Cookies, and a Vitamin Water.

Penne Pasta Salad (Penna, ground turkey, parmesan cheese, spinach, pesto, tomatoes), Greek Yogurt, Avocado, and a Vitamin Water.  Check out Easy Lunchboxes for a great 3-compartment option.

Pizza Cresents, Salad, Blueberries, Clementine Segments, and Tomato Sauce for dipping. Check out Easy Lunchboxes for a great 3-compartment lunchbox option.

The two following lunches are actually lunches I packed for my daughter that I think would translate well to an adult lunch!

Chicken Parmesan Cupcakes, Salad, Cherries, and Carrots in our Easy Lunchbox.

Salad -- Spring Salad Mix, Shrimp, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Feta.

Halved Grapes

Pistachio Pudding

Thanks so much for checking out all my lunches. I hope you got at least and idea or two for your own boxes. Feel free to share the lunches you're making!!

Happy Packing!

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