Monday, August 26, 2013

The New and IMPROVED Blog.

I am so excited to be back to posting lunch blogs! I spent all last year posting and making lunches under a name that I came to find out was already someone else's! I was devastated at the thought of starting over initially, then, I realized it was a great opportunity. After much thought the whole concept of Monkey Munchables came into place. My daughter, my sweet little monkey, is my whole world and this blog is really in essence all about her. I am now feeling to excited and refreshed with my new start and new blog!

I have to take a moment to give a special shout out to my dear friend Jeana @ Tiny Princess Lunch Box. Without her all of this would have been impossible. Her kind heart, talents, and intense generosity is the only reason this blog is now available to all of you! You can find a link to her blog on the right side of the page or you can simply click here. She is such a beautiful person and she makes such fantastic lunches. Please do take the time to check out her blog.

In addition to this fantastic site I have also gotten a few other things going! You can find me in several locations!




I've done a lot of planning for the upcoming school year and I am eager to share all of it with all of you. I welcome any dedicated readers from the old blog as well as any new readers! This blog would be me talking to myself without all of you. Please feel free to email or leave comments here! That's all for now. 

Happy Packing!

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