Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 tools, 4 bloggers

Today I have the fantastic privilege of participating in a series called 3 tools, 4 bloggers being hosted by the fantabulous Wendolonia. Essentially 4 of us lunch packing blogger mamas use the same 3 tools to make a lunch. Hopefully you can see that tools can be versatile and are only limited to your creativity! If you'd like to see the 3 tools, 4 bloggers post from 5/21 you can see it HERE.

Today's tools are: Easy Lunchboxes, Ikea Woodland Cutters, and Food Markers

So I immediately knew that I would be running with the woodland theme with these cutters, but I didn't want to just use one cutter so I tried to figure out how to incorporate at least one more cutter. So I used the squirrel and the hedgehog (the cheese sun) from the woodland cutters, I used the food markers to put an eye and nose on the squirrel as well as outline the sun, and on the mushrooms. I tend to use food markers pretty sparingly since my artistic ability isn't very high. Of course it's all in my Easy lunchbox.

Squirrel PB&J
Cheese Sun

The little mushrooms were super easy to put together! I used one stick of string cheese and a few grape tomatoes cut in half and I skewered them onto toothpicks. Monkey loves kabobs so she will totally be on board for these cute little guys. Plus what woodland theme would be complete without a few little mushrooms?

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Happy Packing!

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