Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 -- 021

You Fire Me Up, Valentine!

So, I decided that hearts everyday for February just wasn't gonna work for me! So you'll have to excuse the terribly cheesy titles that you'll be seeing on my posts the next couple weeks. I do hope that you'll enjoy the lunches though!  For this lunch I just made a tiny twist on a snack classic. 

  • Turkey & Swiss Rolls Ups w/ Heart Skewer
  • Annie's Organic Bunnies
  • Orange Segments
  • Fire Ants on a Log
Okay, so what's the difference between ants on a log and fire ants on a log? Not much! In this lunch we took the two celery stalks like normal, spread in some laughing cow (she just had cream cheese yesterday and sunflower butter is VERY messy for ants on a log), and then topped it with dried cranberries instead of raisins. Changing up the filling and the raisins gives this a snack a totally different flavor. Raisins are typically sweet and dried cranberries a bit tart that paired with the Swiss laughing cow cheese will be a different flavor and experience than her typical ants on a log without changing the look much! If your kids like one version of ants on a log, can fiddle around and play with it. Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, tuna salad all fun things to try experimenting with on your celery sticks! 

Happy Packing!

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