Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 -- 030

A Bear-y Good Lunch!

So this lunch was a completely happy accident that I am really in love with! I asked my husband to put on an egg to boil for me this morning and next thing I know he asks if he could try to use the bear mold on it. I have had nothing but trouble with those molds but decided, what they hey, let's go for it! I think he did a pretty good job getting that little bear mold to work (better than any of my attempts!) and from there we decided we wanted a bear lunch! 

  • Bear Shaped Sunflower Butter and Jelly Sandwich
  • Bear Shaped Hardboiled Egg
  • Carrots
  • StrawBEARies. :P 
  • Yogurt Parfait (Greek yogurt, cut grapes, slivered almonds, and some sprinkles!).
I'm not sure why but this lunch just makes me sort of happy. Not sure if it's the shapes or the colors, but I really ended up loving this one! I guess I owe my hubby a thanks for wanting to use that egg mold! :) 

Happy Packing! 

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