Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chili On A Hot Day


So we were excited to bust out our Thermos Funtainer today. Monkey said her lunch was still warm when she opened it at lunch and that it was DELICIOUS. This lunch was actually kept from leftovers. I like to use leftovers whenever I can! 

We had chili Tuesday night for dinner and set aside a portion for Monkey for lunch Thursday. Some might pack it right away on Wednesday, but me personally, I don't like eating the same thing all the time. If I am going to eat leftovers I like to wait a couple days before I revisit them! 

  • Homemade Leftover Chili w/ Cheese on top
  • Grape Skewers
  • Cornbread muffin
  • Vanilla Milk
I had monkey help me skewer the grapes, something that she was super excited to do! She loves helping make her lunches whenever possible and so this was an opportunity for her to do that. The skewers I actually got a huge pack of from the Dollar Tree and they work fantastically! Love em. 

Here is the lunch inside the box. I like to incorporate these pictures because sometimes I see people's fantastic pictures and just wonder to myself how it all fits in the box, or what it looks like in the box, etc.. So I like including pictures of her lunches in the box. I don't know if anyone else wonders these things, but my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes! 

I'm still working on the entry for a Dairy Free/Gluten Free week of lunches! I am very excited about that! I also have made my first shot at Jungle Juice. I wasn't a fan but Monkey said it was good. I think I will keep trying until it's something we can all handle! 

What are some of your favorite ''leftover'' lunches?

As luck would have it...because this week has a Friday the 13th one of my favorite blogs ''Becoming a Bentoholic'' is doing their usual Friday link-up party on Thursday instead! So while I was bummed I wasn't going to get to participate before, I get to now!

Leftovers on Fridays

Happy Packing! 


  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Yummy looking lunch n love ur hello kitty funtainer. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. We're really loving the Funtainer so far! I really enjoyed your blog and have subscribed, I intend of stopping by again in the future. :)

  2. Your chili looks so yummy. We LOVE using leftovers in lunches. Thanks for linking up at Leftovers on Fridays
    By the way, you can link up whatever lunch you want from the week as long as it has leftovers. It does not have to be your Friday post :-D

    1. Hello Anna! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my lunch! It's good to know I can use any lunch from the week, I totally got the impression it had to be Friday's lunch! I'm silly. I'm glad you like it. I've been debating posting the recipe for my chili but wasn't sure there would be interest in it. Leftovers are a great way to reduce food waste! Kudos for using them!

  3. I want that lunch. Yum! Patty

    1. Thank Patty that's really sweet! Glad you like the lunch. :)


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