Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbyn Strikes Again!


So, with some help from the fiance the Goodbyn managed to make it into another lunch! The weekend totally flew by and it was surprising to me! I want this time to slow down, I'm already feeling wicked tired (probably from being 15 weeks pregnant) and I am not wanting school, for me, to start back up just yet...but it is rushing this way. I'm toying with starting a section for my lunches/snacks again since on some days I will need to be taking them. Well, I hope everyone had a good weekend and that they are getting their lunches packed for tomorrow morning! I can't believe week 2 of school is starting for my little Kindergartner. Additionally, I've started the rough draft for my post about gluten-free/dairy-free lunches (don't think I have flaked or forgotten people!). 


  • Apple Sandwich w/ Sunflower butter and Organic Shredded Coconut. 
  • Butterfly Crackers
  • Medium Cheddar Stars
  • Green Beans
  • Organic Strawberry Milk

Monkey actually really loves these apple sandwiches and I wish I could take credit for them. I actually got the ideas from one of my favorite food-making mamas to follow, Lisa over at 100 Days of Real Food. They also have a 100 Days of Real Food Facebook that I subscribe to both on my personal page and on my Monkey Munchables page. I love seeing all the great food, recipes, and finds she has. I'd suggest checking out what it's all about. 

Otherwise I am very excited about this lunch but worry slightly that it might be a little light for Monkey. Oh well, if we have to have an after school snack I saved some of the extra apple bits for her to eat! :-)

I'm also looking forward to my first blog hop as a Bento Blogger Friend which will be coming up on THIS Thursday, so keep a watch out!

Also, this lunch is part of the Meatless Monday Link-Up. Feel free to check out other great Meatless meal options by clicking the button below. :)


What is everyone else packing for tomorrow? 

Happy Packing!


  1. I need to make my son an apple sandwich! I bet he would love it.

  2. I was surprised how well she took to it! She's not a huge fan of strong lemon taste from lemon juice used to keep the sandwich from browning. So I have started just dabbing my finger in it and swiping it over the apple. That seems to be less intense of a lemon flavor and still keeps it from browning.

    If you try it, be sure to come link me so I can check it out! Let me know what he thinks. :)


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