Sunday, September 22, 2013

Polka Dot Sandwich


Is it just me or does the weekend never feel long enough? This lunch came due long before I was ready for it to be time for school again! I'll admit this lunch was not on the schedule so this is a ''quick and easy'' lunch that was thrown together really quickly (I'm sure you can tell). 

  • Mini Bagel Sandwich w/ cream cheese and mini pepperoni
  • Baby Carrots w/ side of ranch
  • Sunburst Tomatoes
  • 100% Juice Pouch [not pictured]

What is it that you all do when you're just not in the lunch packing mood? Leftovers? The standby sandwich? I'm all for quick, easy, and covering my food groups! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Packing!


  1. I love the idea of quick and easy and this lunch looks yummy! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. I think we all just have those days where we aren't in the mood to pack lunch. Or maybe it's my hormones! Lol. Thanks for stopping by.


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