Saturday, September 28, 2013



Today's lunch was made the morning of. I didn't know if the pinwheels would really be all that good if they were made the night before and chilled. This wasn't a hot lunch but it still think it was better that it got made the morning of. I find that pinwheels are a pretty versatile and you can put just about anything you want in them. 

  • Turkey, Cheese, Sliced Olives, and Salsa pinwheel. 
  • Baby Carrots
  • Orange Segments
  • Pickle
This was a super easy lunch to put together. Also, helpful hint about pinwheels: When I roll the wrap up, I cut off the ends and then cut the rest of the wrap at a slight angle. Cutting straight across I find they don't stay together as well. 

Also, I am thinking about starting a new section on the blog. It wouldn't be updated daily like the lunches are but 1-3 times a week. Surrounding other aspects of my life which could include: Dinner planning, Money-Saving Ideas, Cleaning Ideas, Kids Activities, Baking, Crafting, Packing my own lunches/Snacks, etc... A sort of anything and everything place!

What's your favorite pinwheel stuffers? What do you think about the new blog section? What would you like to see there?

Happy Packing

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