Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last September Lunch


So, it's the end of the month and we are getting to the ''cabinet creative'' time of month I like to call it. We all go through it I think. When you're at the bottom of the month's groceries and you're suddenly a culinary MacGyver. Tonight we had noodles, leftover frozen turkey meatballs, and cream of mushroom soup. It looked a lot like stroganoff but tasted nothing like it haha. Monday lunch is just as MacGyvered as dinner was, but a little food time creativity will be continuing on till we go grocery shopping again on the 6th. :-P

  • Sunflower Butter/Apple Butter Bagel Sandwich
  • Organic Apple Slices
  • Babybel Cheese
  • Raisin/Almond 'trail' mix. 
  • Organic Vanilla Milk (not pictured). 
She was still up when I made this one and she was pretty excited about it! There was a few apple slices leftover and some more raisin/almond mix so I decided since tomorrow I would be heading to class I'd salvage these leftovers from her lunch and make my own little snack for class (no one likes a grumpy hungry preggo!)

  • Leftover Apple Slices from Monkey's Lunch
  • Raisin/Almond 'trail' mix. 
  • Medium Cheddar pieces
  • Popcorn and;
  • A tiny bag of mini gummy bears
I was actually looking forward to my snack tomorrow! I even washed my metal reusable water bottle, got it filled, and chilling in the fridge. I have been very bad about eating so far this pregnancy. I mostly snack and even that isn't very often...I blame my sensitive nose and the nausea but this snack looks appetizing even to me! I'm looking forward to eating it. 

This lunch will also be part of the Meatless Monday link-up party. Make sure to check out all the fantastic lunches. :) 


Happy Packing!

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